Thursday, September 01, 2011

5 years!

This past August, I was lucky enough to celebrate my 5 year anniversary with my wife Joy.  We took a long, relaxing weekend trip up to Mendocino.

 A view of the California coast at Mendocino...
 We rented an outrigger and paddled out to the river for about 5 hours.  Yes, our shoulders were sore that night!
 I didn't really sketch much but when I got the chance, I drew some of the local scenery.

 You can't have scenery this beautiful and not drink wine!
 And finally, here's a picture-perfect sunset on our last night at Mendocino.
I feel so lucky and so blessed to be on this crazy journey with my wife.  I only hope that the next 5 years will be just as fun, exciting and full of adventure!  Cheers!


Unknown said...

This looks like a lovely trip. Beautiful sketches too Chris, congrats!

my name is boring said...

Congratulations! Love your drawings..

Sian said...

aw congrats on 5 years thats awesome! Looks like a great trip