Friday, September 02, 2011

Weekend Sketches Part 3 of 3

Hey Bloggers!  Well, you've all made it to Friday!  I'm gearing up for a nice long Labor Day Weekend of relaxation, sketching and gaming!!

Have a safe and fun holiday break, everyone!  Catch you all next week.


The Ivanator said...

i really love your drawings. how did you draw like that? was there a certain style that you inspire from?

Pancho said...

life draw?
so beautiful... fluid I like a lot this draws.

Andrés Pepoli said...

Dear Chris Chua,

It is a pleasure to write. My name is Andres Pepoli, I am currently developing a Memorandum of career grade Social Communication of the Catholic University of Uruguay. The theme of the report is "the influence that Disney has Pixar."

If you do not mind, I would like to ask you some questions in order to enrich the work:

What are the defining characteristics of a Disney movie?

What Disney film is better like this?

Do you think today is based on the Pixar style of Disney to your films? What characteristics does it take?

What are the defining characteristics of the Pixar movies?

What best represents Pixar feature these characteristics?

What are the characteristics that define the animation of Chuck Jones?

Do you think today Pixar uses the style of Chuck Jones to make your films?

What similarities and differences do you see about the style of Pixar compared with Dreamworks? And what style of BlueSky?

Already thank you very much.

Tyler Stott said...

ive been following you for a while...inspirational :)