Friday, September 25, 2009

Sketchcrawl 24 (9/19/09) Part 2

Happy Friday everyone!  Here's the second half of last weekend's Sketchcrawl drawings, as promised.  As I mentioned before, there was alot of gambling going on but the weather was great and everyone was in great spirits!

This particular fellow was so awesome...he just had  his cigarette hanging out of his mouth as he assessed his hand of cards.  
And this final page was done at the BART station as we made our way home back to North Berkeley.  
Nothing like an entire day's worth of drawing to flex those artistic muscles!  Well, the week is over, which means that we've got a whole weekend to go out there and draw so what are you waiting for???!!!   Grab those pens and start sketching!


chromasketch said...

awesome work! What're you sketching with?

William Bradford said...

great sketches, and awesome owl, too!


bjarkirafn said...

It's always great to see how you can describe a strong pose and attitude with few lines!
It would be awesome to see your drawings evolve with this great tool and post the timelapse on your blog? Just a thought!? :D