Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Brush Pen Sketches!!!

Just thought I'd share some random ink brush sketches with all you guys in bloggerland today. I bought a new Tombow brushpen and I've been having lots of fun with it lately. I've also been looking at the great Craig Thompson (Blankets, Carnet de Voyage) , an amazing comic artist who's got great brushwork and this is me trying to get the same feel with my art.

I'll make sure to post more of these brush pen work here in the next few weeks so tune in regularly, kids!


Tim Bye said...

I love the really fluent brushwork here! Do you add the colour over the line and if so how do you prevent it running? The sketchpad is great!

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

these are great!

sourgrapes said...

Hi Chris ^^

Glad you left a comment on my blog ^^ made me find my way here. Awesome stuff on your blog!!

Thierry Martin said...

merci pour ton commentaire.
et tes carnets sont très riche et très vivant, bravo.

Unknown said...

Your people watching drawings are always fun to see!! Love that little boy at the bottom right page coner, and the lady at the newspaper is lovely, so simple, yet so real. :) That character drawing in your previous page is awesome!! :)

nievas19 said...

Hi cris
thanks you for coming to my blog and writing me.
You come everytime that you want.
Your drawings are very naturals and expressives.
I like very much the little kid to say "mummy, im hungry...". Its very funny.
Sorry for my english, its very mad.
I hope see you soon
See ya!!

Shawn Escott said...

Great drawings Chris!!! I like the guy leaning back in his chair. I like the drawings on your sketchbook too. The lady looking at books and the boy are wonderful. The way you're rendering hair is fantastic!

Mirko Benotto said...

Hoy Chris!
Thank you for visit my little blog ;) ...Craig Thompson?! Its works is great!

Great blog! I like your sketchbook!!

Bye bye!

Adrian Lubbers said...

Love 'em. Your sketchbooks must be a wonder to behold.

chris chua said...

tim-thanks so much for the kind words... I do add the watercolors afterwards but wait a few minutes to do still bleeds a little in places but not so bad.

George, Sourgrapes, Thierry...thanks guys. More to come soon!!

Alina, Nievas-much thanks. That kid was not made up, he actually said those exact words! Kids are so awesome.

Shawn-thanks man. Yup, hair is super fun to draw:)

Mirko-Yes, Craig Thompson is so awesome. I cant wait to see his next book.

adrian-thanks, Adrain...Although, there is just as much bad stuff in my sketchbook as there is good I guess. Just keep drawing, I guess.

Jeff said...

Wow, Chris! Just made my way through your whole blog here and it's outstanding. Beautiful work!

milo said...

Awesome work! Very nice brush strokes! Lookin forward to seein more!! ;OP

Eliza Jäppinen said...

I just love the little hungry boy. :)