Sunday, April 04, 2010

New Orleans travel journal Part 1

Hey Bloggers!  I'm back from my New Orleans trip and I'm super excited to share my sketches with you all!  I've tried to keep the sketches in chronological order and didn't really bother to take out the notes from the sketchbook since I felt it would really add to the pictures.  

sketching on the BART to the airport was really fun since there was a good assortment of interesting people on there.
It was a close call getting to the airport since there was a problem on the tracks that backed up our train and made us late by an hour and a half.  As you can see from my notes, we barely made our flight!  Since I didn't get a chance to draw people at the terminal, I made sure I drew on the plane:)
this next one is of Joy napping on the flight on our way to the stop-over in Dallas.
Stay tuned for Part 2 coming this Wednesday!  Hope you all enjoyed the sketches!


Tim Moen said...

cool man...i really like your drawings. you have a language of shapes that you manage to keep in your drawings without losing the movement or personality. something i wish i had. hope it was a cool trip!

Justin Jenkins said...

man how can you goto New Orleans and not mention the food????

Matt J said...

Excellent work Chris-looking forward to seeing the rest. . .