Friday, April 02, 2010

breaking in the new moleskine 3/24/2010 Part 3

Hey Bloggers!  Well, here's the last 3 pages of my new Moleskine sketchbook series.  I'll be back from New Orleans tomorrow and will be posting my drawings here soon so make sure to come back for those!

Have a great weekend guys!


Andy Latham said...

Hi Chris, I was just wondering what paint you use in the moleskine books? I find watercolour extremely difficult to use because of the waxy paper.

Fantastic drawings by the way, but I'm sure you already know that!! :P

chris chua said...

Hey Andy,

I use a portable watercolor set with my sketches. I know what you mean about the moleskine pages being waxy but I've found that the softcover ones have the thinner paper which takes the watercolors a bit better and dont have that waxy feel. The only drawback is that the pages are quite thin and the watercolor may rip the paper if you put on alot of water right away so be careful. Glad you enjoy the sketches !

Andy Latham said...

Thanks a lot for the answer Chris! Can't wait for the next batch of sketches :)