Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lueder House

Joy and I had a chance to visit the Leuder House this weekend.  We've often walked by the old Victorian house and wondered what it looked like inside.  Well, we found out that the house was renovated and was recently put on the market for 2.5 MILLION dollars! 

Anyway, I took tons of photos and thought I'd share with you all:

A view from the front of the house

Walking in...

My favorite room: the solarium

a closer view of the dome in the solarium

main kitchen

patio right outside the kitchen

kitchen sink.  Note the heaters used to make the water hot.

beautiful copper stove vent.

dining nook with plenty of sunlight.

main living room


a wonderful view of Berkeley from the upstairs

Lovely window detail of the upstairs kitchenette

upstairs bed

arabesque lantern in the bedroom ceiling

bathroom with a view

beautiful view of Berkeley while showering!

downstairs bathroom with wood paneling

ceiling lamps

view of the back yard patio and garage

Master suite library.....Cozy!

Gorgeous trim on the roof

Solarium with lots of light

backyard path

Old boiler

view from the backyard garden

Plants in the back yard

Garage with glass sliding doors on all sides

Leuder House.


Barbara said...

Well, it's out of my price range too, but I used to live in Berkeley and enjoyed your tour of the inside! - Barbara

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, so inspirational!

Frank Abney said...

WOW!! Pretty Amazing!

Jeff said...

wow! That is cool. I love the kitchen, and the views. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Scott Wiser said...

Inspiring Pics, I can hardly imagine living in a place like that,

aisha said...

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Hat’s off. Well done, as we know that “hard work always pays off”, after a long struggle with sincere effort it’s done.

Anonymous said...

So amazing and wonderful pictures. I really like all of them. Thanks for this great great sharing.

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Jesse Soto said...

Perhaps one of the most beautiful houses I've seen. Everything about it it beautiful and refreshing. Sadly, that 2.5 million is outta my price range too. But this is very inspiring!