Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mexico Travel Journal Part 1

Hey guys!   I know I promised you all some sketches and pictures of my Mexico trip, so it's finally here! First off, I'd like to apologize for my poor penmanship, misspellings, and whatever incorrect information I may have put into my journal.  I don't have the best memory and some of these pages were done on the fly WHILE walking around in a foreign city.  Not very easy, to say the least!  

Obviously, it's very hard to bring forth the beauty and sheer LIFE that I observed but I hope that you guys can get a small glimpse of it through my sketches, and photos.  I had an AWESOME time in Mexico and I hope you'll all have as much fun going through my travel journal as I had drawing (and making notes) in it!

Day 1:  Not too exciting since most of the day was spent at the airport / plane / taxi making our journey from San Francisco to Mexico City.

cab voucher from airport to our hotel
Day 2: Saw us visiting Casa Azul (the Blue House) where Frida Kahlo and famous muralist Diego Rivera lived for a good portion of their lives.

the garden of the Casa Azul.  No pictures inside :(

We also took some time to explore the city which was absolutely bustling with activity...
navigating the streets of Mexico City
beautifully carved door to a church.

Stopping for a snack (sope)!
We then toured the presidential palace where we saw Diego Rivera's famous murals.  They tell the story of the people of Mexico and are absolutely STAGGERING to behold.  Pictures don't do them any justice but you get the idea!

As I wrote in my journal, we went back to our hotel dead tired but glad to have taken in so much of the city on our first full day.  A great start to the trip, for sure!

Day 3: We started off the day with a great breakfast of sopes (I'm eating a bigger version of it in the picture above) which are made with blue corn tortillas topped with beans, white cheese, chicken and a bit of lettuce.  YUM!
sopes for breakfast.
After breakfast, we hop on the bus bound for the pyramids of Teotihuacan!

the view of the valley from the pyramid of the sun.
beautiful carvings on the pyramids. 
We returned to our hotel later that day sunburned and more tired than the day before.  We go back to our hotel, rested up and have a bit of wine.  We also made a new friend:
I meet the hotel's resident dog, Abril.  
Later that night, we set out for dinner at a restaurant called Lampuga where we had some amazing soft shell crab tacos!
softshell crab tacos and seafood chowder.  STUNNING.

 Definitely a great final night in Mexico City!

Stay tuned for my further adventures in Mexico.  Also, I'd love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to comment and let me know what you think!


Andrea Alcaraz said...

Thats my hometown! Im so jealous, I've never been to the Frida Kahlo museum! Those sketches bring so many memories! Great work!

maarten said...

Great to see you are still doing these urban sketches.. you are definitly one of the most hardcore sketchers i know. Also gotta say, loved Toy Story 3..