Monday, February 21, 2011

Westfield Shopping Center 2/19/2011

Hey Bloggers!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  It was super rainy and dreary here in the San Francisco Bay area but I had my first non working Saturday in awhile so I was determined to use that time to relax and go sketching!

Anyway, Joy decided she wanted to go shopping in San Francisco's Westfield Mall so I tagged along and got some nice drawing time!
...warming up
I walked around for a bit and noticed a band of little girls romping around and having fun so I decided to sketch them!
little kids are a BLAST to draw!  
There's ALWAYS  a TON of interesting characters in San Francisco.

My favorite moment was seeing this little girl who couldn't have been more than a year old who looked like she had recently learned to walk.  She would run back and forth from her mom to her dad as fast as her little legs could carry her and as she reached them, she'd give em a big hug.

These moments are really what sketching from life is all about.  You get a true sense of a person's character because they're acting without any inhibition.  It's real and sincere.   You can't fake this stuff.  All it takes is for you to open your eyes and look around.  If you can find it, it's pure GOLD.
a beautiful moment between a father and his daughter..
Hope you all have a great week guys and come back soon!


Colin Jack said...

great drawing as usual sir!

Larry Levine said...

Great drawings!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Lots of great movement here. I drew people at the library last night - so, not a lot of animation there, haha

Quentin Lebegue said...

True inspiration ! Thanks for the awesome blog and please keep the sketches coming !!