Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm a permanent Pixar fixture now!

Many of you have probably heard that Pixar is expanding into a new building on their Emeryville campus.   In addition to the new building, many extra parking spots are also being created to accommodate all the new employees so the parking lot is being expanded as well.

Anyway, last week, the company asked employees to sign their names into the wet cement of the parking lot.  After a long wait, we were finally allowed to sign our names onto the cement!
my name in wet cement at Pixar.   History!
It's a small gesture that the company didn't even have to do but it goes to show how personal Pixar is and has always been.  I'm glad I was able to participate in this event and even when I'm gone, a small part of me will always be with the company that I love so much!  


Sian said...

aw thats awesome!

TREVOR Simonsen said...

that's tooooooo cool

Toby Cochran said...

that is freaking rad!