Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monterey, Napa 7/12/2010

Hey everyone!  Here's another batch of sketches I did while I was out and about with my sister in the Bay Area.  As you saw from my previous post, we drove down to Monterey to see the aquarium and proceeded down the pacific coast highway to see the sights.  Later that night, we had dinner at 'Roy's" in Pebble Beach.  Here's some sketches I did of the patrons while we waited for our food:
Well, the food finally came and so I had to stop drawing.  I mean, who could resist this:  Blackened Tuna....YUM!

The next day took us to Napa where we enjoyed some sun, and wine....Here are some people I sketched while relaxing at Sterling Vineyards:
You really don't need wine to enjoy this view.  But it certainly doesn't hurt:)

Stay tuned this Friday for sketches at Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco!

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chromasketch said...

awesome stuff.