Sunday, May 02, 2010

Cafe Sketch- 5/02/10 Part 1

Hey Bloggers!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  Just wanted to share some sketchbook pages I did last weekend at the local cafe.  Things have been busy lately but I still try to make some time to stop and get some drawing done.  Enjoy!


Be Creative Books said...

I like so much these loose drawings, nice shapes poses and expressions!

Hey Chris, if you have the time, I invite you to take a glance at my blog and give me your comment, I really appreciate it a lot! thanks!



chromasketch said...

great stuff

joscha said...

Hey Chris, I love your sketches.

I notice you hardly use any construction linesin your drawings, don't you need those to get the right poses/ gestures?

chris chua said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the comments!

de aap-I agree, I tend to not use too much construction. Before I get a sketch down on paper though, I ask myself what it is that catches my eye about the person's pose and try my hardest to capture that in my drawing. Sometimes I will draw more scribbly and loose just to feel out a pose and then work darker lines on top of thaat to rework the drawing. I hope this helps!

joscha said...

Sure does, thanks!

(I was asking because I like the emptiness in your sketches, I tend to clutter mine up with construction lines. I'm gonna see if your advice can help me out!)