Monday, June 30, 2008

Poll: Your Favorite John Williams Score:

The latest poll has closed and here are the results of your favorite John Willaims Score:

Star Wars (9 votes) 29%
Indiana Jones (6 votes) 19%
Jurassic Park (4 votes) 12%
Jaws and ET (tied 3 votes) 9%
Harry Potter, Superman, Other (Schindlers list, Hook, etc tied 2votes) 6%

Disagree? Have that John Williams score you feel was left out? Please feel free to write in!


Larry Levine said...

IMHO John Williams greatest score was his revamped 3rd season theme for "Lost in Space" (he went by Johnny Williams back then).

stephen said...


I like the fanfare of indy jones and all, but ET going past the moon on the bike, with the music, is one of john's greatest movie moments.

Anonymous said...

fuckin' close encounters!

Anonymous said...

anyone who doesn't think Jurassic Park is his best score obviously hasn't heard "Journey to the Island"

Anonymous said...

close encounters