Saturday, June 21, 2008

Criminal Pygmies

Hey Bloggers! So myself and a couple of friends at work, Rob Thompson and Austin Madison are doing a bi-weekly drawing challenge where we draw something after combining random words . This past week's challenge is: Criminal Pygmies!!! It's a really fun, creative way to stay loose and exercise those drawing muscles after staring at the computer all day!


Larry Levine said...

Beautifully drawn & very funny!!! What brand/grade pencil did you use?

I'm looking forward to the next challenge posting.

messytimbo said...

hehehehe yeah thats funny.

lovely drawings as usual.

i wonder what his crime was...? :)

flaviano said...

great work man. your sketches are always appealing!

rthompson said...

Ha Ha! Awesome! This guy looks like the crime boss who has a bunch of giant henchmen that do his bidding.

Hrishikesh said...

hi Chris loved your blog the Gesture Drawings are too good

BLAMMO The Art of Jason Groh said...