Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sacre Cour

Hey Bloggers! To make up for the lack of posts last month, I've decided to post some more photos of my trip to France..This time, the beautiful church of Sacre Cour (or Sacred Heart) located in the town of Montmartre.

This location is a huge tourist draw and can even be seen in the film, Amelie by Jean Pierre Juenet. As you can see in my journal notes, it took over 44 years to build on a foundation of 83 pillars sunk 130 feet deep into the earth. Also interesting to note is that the entire building is laced with gypsum, a material that will whiten the stone as it ages.
Here's another view of the church as we walked up to it on the local streets.
Man, I wish I could go back to France!


PotatoFarmGirl said...

I like these posts! They make me feel cultured, and your photos are fabulous. I want to go to France someday too!

maarten said...

love the sketch. yeah france is cool, ive been going there every summer since I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sketch of the"sacre coeur".
Call me next time you ll come in paris ehe.



Unknown said...

That looks like a fun and inspiring trip!! beautiful travel sketches!

Kevin Koch said...

Damn, yeah, I wanna go back, too. We were there in early December - cold, rainy, fantastic. Even in the worst weather, Sacre Cour was jammed with tourists. I just noticed that your photo carefully cropped out the sweaty throngs! Did you walk down the mount and see the sleaze that is the Moulin Rouge, too?

Alisa said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and sketch! I can't wait to visit France.

louis de La Taille said...

Sacré-Cœur, notSacré-Cour !!