Thursday, March 13, 2008

Desert Island Movie#2-The Good The Bad, And the Ugly

My next desert island movie would definitely have to be The Good The Bad and The Ugly, directed by Sergio Leone. To me, its the ultimate western with three of the greatest characters put on screen.
Oddly enough, Leone's westerns were inspired by eastern filmmaker Akira Kurosawa whose samurai films, Yojimbo and Sanjuro created the template for the hero with no name who strides into town and unleashes his own brand of justice. All the actors play their parts to perfection but its Eli Wallach's scrappy bandit Tuco that steals the movie. Wallach makes Tuco both dangerous and loveable, a performance that's no easy feat. Seeing him interact with Eastwood's character never fails to put you on the edge of your seat and put a grin on your face at the same time.

Plus, the film has one of the coolest taglines ever: "For three men, the civil war wasnt hell....It was Practice!" Count me in!


Kristian said...

dude, loved the french sketches. great line work. I f i haven't said before i'm gonna say it now. I love the animation you did of the grandpa and the little boy. astounding work.

Jamal O said...

Beautiful work on your blog

Regarding T.G.T.B.T.U.
This movie is an excellent introduction to the American western film. Compositions are intuitively designed. Characters are have clear concise motivations.
An Influential film classic and all that jive.

I'm not a hug western fan. But I own this dvd.

Glad I found your blog.



Ken Chandler said...

Congrats on getting in at PIXAR, the top studio in the world, in my humble opinion. You'll be an asset there, I'm certain. Good luck.
Oh, and I watched your animated short, "The Gift" it is amazing! Powerful message, thanks!

Just a word of warning: that last post from 'akinol' is a virus. Don't touch it.
- Ken

Sadie Figueroa said...


The Good the Bad and the Ungly happens to be one of my favorite westerns. The intro, score and actors are all awesome!

Its interesting to know that it was inspired by Akira Kurosawa. I'll try looking for it.

Cool blog.