Saturday, March 08, 2008

Desert Island Movie....#1 IKIRU

What if you had to go away to a deserted island and only take 10 films with you....What would they be? I've been thinking about this and decided to put together ten of my all time favorite films on a list (in no particular order of course). One of the first films I would choose would be Akira Kurosawa's IKIRU.

The basic premise is this...A government clerk (played by Takashi Shimura) finds out he has stomach cancer and will soon die. He reflects upon his life and realizes that he has done nothing worth of any substance and that his life has no meaning. I LOVE this film because any other director would have made it heartfelt and syrupy whereas Kurosawa shows it to us in a straightforward, almost cold manner.

After Shimura's character dies, Kurosawa uses the second half of the film to examine the character's life from other characters' point of view. This prevents the film from getting too overly emotional and allows the audience to see more facets of the character.

Shimura plays the old man with such soul-baring pain and loneliness that you can't help but feel not only sympathy, but EMPATHY for the guy. All around just an amazing movie that has to be taken on that island.


samacleod said...

Yeah, man. Really nice movie.

stephen said...

That scene where he's on the swing practically kills me.

I've always found the structure really weird, though. Split into halves rather than more conventional thirds--I can't think of many other things that works the same way, except maybe vertigo.

Anyhow, good stuff.

David Bernal said...

Awesome!! love your movie posts!! cant wait for the other ones in the list :)