Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cafe Sketch....Back in the habit!

Hey Bloggers! Yes, I know I haven't posted more cafe sketches in awhile but that's what happens when your job takes over your life! Anyways, Wall-e is almost done so I finally got a chance to draw again. Here's a couple of new ones for you:

Stay tooned for more in the next week or so!


David Bernal said...

Beautiful!!! LOVE them ;)
cant wait for Wall-E!!
David ;)

Unknown said...

Nice quick sketches!!

maarten said...

cafe sketches :) always inspiring me. beautifull as always.

AJ Jefferies said...

Hey Chris, lovely loose & lively as usual!

I see you're taking a break from AM this semester, I can't thank you enough for mentoring me through class 1 last year. I hope it gives you some free time for more doodling!

Hope all is good at Emeryville, take care (and a catbus).


bjarkirafn said...

Hey Chris!
It's always a pleasure to check out your inspiring blog! Love that loose sketches drawings you got there! I'm always practicing my "skills" like you suggested and checking out your stuff makes me want to push them even further!
I guess that work is taking too much toll so you are taking a break from AM?
I feel so lucky to have had you as my first mentor, your just an awesome tutor!
Keep up the brilliant stuff you are doing, I'll be checking on you for inspiration!

Take care, Chris!
bjarki rafn

Bianca Siercke said...

Couldn't agree more with what the people said above! Your sketches capture the character your looking at so well and you do it with such beautiful confident line. Very inspirational!!

Mark McDonnell said...

My friend . . .I love it. Such grace and freedom all in a few lines of life and happiness.

Love 'em,


Reezo Rocks said...

chris, man your sketches are tight. always love stopping by here.