Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sketchbook Backlog Part 3 12/18/2011

Ok folks, here's the last batch of drawings from the old sketchbook backlog.  The rest of these are from my trip to San Francisco several weeks ago.  My sister was visiting from out of town and wanted to go shopping so I figured I could use that time to get some sketching done.

Hope you all have a great holiday and thanks again for stopping by to check out my sketches!  Cheers!


Jon said...

Hi Chris
Im an aspiring animator and Im just wondering about something. When you draw people in public, I notice like many other animators out there, you don't exactly try to draw them realistically. Why? Is it part of trying to capture their pose? Does it help in gesture drawing all together?

Quentin Lebegue said...

Always loving your sketches Chris ! They're inspirational.