Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Toy Story 3 wins gold!

Hey bloggers!  I just wanted to take a quick minute to congratulate my friends and co-workers who lent a hand working on Toy Story 3 which won the Best Animated film Oscar this past sunday.  I didn't get a  chance to work on the film myself but I was able to work on several promo spots so I still feel deeply attached the success and warm reception of the movie.
Photo courtesy of Lee Unkrich
All the awards in the world would mean nothing without my friends with whom I have learned and grown so much since I've gotten to work here at Pixar.
Arik Ehle, me, Royce Wesley, Aaron Hartline and Everett Downing
Lee was such a generous guy, taking the time to share the Oscar with everyone in the company, especially after barely recovering from the frantic craziness of the Academy Awards.
Director Lee Unkrich and me
Once again, a HUGE thanks to all the fans and everyone out there who embraced the film and its characters.  It's been a fun ride!


Pancho said...

congratulations all pixar toystory 3 team. i think better movie too.
me, my wife and my boy love this trilogy. again, congratulations and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Way to go! That's awesome, it seems like such a great family to work with

messytimbo said...

It's well deserved, Nothing else came close to this in my eyes. I'm sure your get to hold many more.

I love your drawings below man!

Jeff said...

Hey Chris, congratulations to you and the entire Pixar family! What a great and well-deserved award. I'm really looking forward to Cars 2 and the other upcoming Pixar films.

Toy Story party favors said...

They really deserve it! Disney's masterpiece!

Micha said...

well done

Unknown said...

Hey Chris congratulations! One day I will work in Pixar and do a Film with you