Thursday, February 10, 2011

Toy Story Poll results!

Hey bloggers!  I know it's been closed for awhile but here are the results to the last poll:  Which Toy Story film to YOU prefer?

Toy Story 1 = 5 votes (12%)
Toy Story 2 = 6 votes (15%)
Toy Story 3 = 9 votes (23%)
Love 'em all = 16 votes (41%)
Not a fan = 3 (7%)

Thanks for voting and make sure to make your voice heard in the next poll!

1 comment:

Jeff said...

This would be a hard decision. I like all 3 of them. Toy Story, being the first, was so original and refreshing. But the emotion and story in #3 is superb. Yea it's a tough call. I couldn't pick just one.