Thursday, July 03, 2008

Andrew Stanton on KCRW's The Treatment

Hey Bloggers, came across this interview with Andrew Stanton on KCRW's The Treatment today and thought you may want to check it out. He talks about the making of Wall-e, filmmaking choices and the Pixar culture. Just click on his picture or follow the link below. Happy July 4th!


EL GRANDE said...

Thanks for sharing. Great work on Wall-E by the way. I really enjoyed it.

Joe y ELio

William Bradford said...

So cool, and good job you and everyone else who made such a wonderful movie.

Auuugghhcckkptllll I wanna work at Pixar soooo much. Me and the rest of the industry, right? Didn't get into the internship this year... maybe next year.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Chris... this is a great article. It was nice seeing you today at your workplace. I hope you had to sit in that cool vette. Have a nice weekend!

Food and Drugs said...

recently visited madrid and all its road main entrances were full of big wall-e ads.
I'm very interested