Sunday, August 26, 2007

San Francisco Ferry Building-Then and Now

Hey Bloggers! My wife and I recently took a trip across the Bay to SanFrancisco for our 1 year anniversary. One of the coolest sights we saw was the old Ferry Building. It was opened in 1898 and for the majority of the next 40 years, this was the main water route for everyone who wanted to arrive into SanFrancisco or just cross the bay by Ferries. Needless to say, there is alot of history to this building. Here's a picture of me and Joy in front of it:
And here's how it looked around the early 1900s : (If you look all the way to the right of the picture, you can totally see some ships masts and riggings!)
Here's another picture of the Ferry Building as it was being repaired shortly after the devastating 1906 Earthquake. You can see just how demolished everything was!
Amazingly, the Ferry Building suffered very little structural damage in the earthquake and only needed minor repairs!


kaunchen said...

Great sketches!!
I really like the homeless old man drawing. U catches the moment.

Congras to ur anniversary:)


DUDE, we were just up there for a day to go see a giants game with Sohn. F'n san Fran is great. Hope your doing well man. I hope we get to see you again soon. And heyb Shannon and I posted a couple images from Gilroy if you wanna see em.