Monday, March 26, 2007

The Marina-Part 3!!!

Hey Bloggers! Here is the next installment of the Marina series. The top one is of a really cute dog that had a very springy step as it walked. The other is of a stray cat we saw sitting on the rocks by the water. He just sat there looking at us and would occasionally sqeeze its eyes shut and open them again very slowly....Very creepy.

Happy Monday everyone!


Scott Wright said...

Love the dog.

As always your stuff is just killer!


Laura Braga said...

hi Christ!!!
I like a lot your animals!!
exepecilly the cat....I have two cats and I pass a lot of time looking them make creepy thing!!


R.A. MacNeil said...



Aaron Paetz said...

I like the dog... He's my favorite.

Xelu said...

Hahaha funny stuff.
I like the dog.

Anonymous said...


in color/bw
and personality

lovely page.

Unknown said...

WOW! WOW!! More pages for great drawings from Chris!!

Jawn Lim said...

The cat must be watching you sketch as it was modeling for you!

Great sketches... I wish I could sketch more loosely. Any tips, Chris?

Aurora Cascudo Román said...

In my city there are cats like this one, sitting on the rocks by the water...

good work, man


Tim Bye said...


Shellie K said...

I love the dog so appealing. All cats are creepy
in some sorta these