Thursday, February 01, 2007

6 Things few people know about

Hmmm...after getting Tagged by Alina last week, I'm supposed to put down 6 things that few people know about me...Hmm... Ok, here we go (in no particular order):

6) I read too much (like 4 different books at a time)
5) My tv guilty pleasures are "I love New York" and "Top Chef"
4) I take longer than my wife to get ready (hey, I gotta take my contacts on and off!)
3) I used to work in a deli washing dishes for minimum wage
2) I can swing dance....badly
1) I love Boston Baked Beans

welll, there they are. Nothing too exciting, I'm afraid but all you Bloggers can use this against me one day... So watch out, people....someone out there will be TAGGED next!


bsleven said...

Chris, That's pretty cool. I had no idea that you read so much. : )
And I must admit that I too have checked out, " I Love New York ".
(Tell no one!)

: )

Alina Chau said...

HE ! HE!! Coool Tag, I am as guilty as you when it comes to reading too. :P

Shane P said...

Wow Chris, you are my dream man. Will you marry me?
Love, Shane

Wojtaljr said...


but thier is nothing wrong with washing dishes at a deli, i did it longer than you did , lol

R.Dress said...

I like Beans.